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Collaborative Note-taking
During NetHui, participants will be taking collaborative notes about discussions held in sessions as they are occurring. Please edit responsibly and respect the work and interpretations of others. Links to these documents are below.

NetHui 2013 Glossary of Terms

Monday 8 July
Wellington Workshop
Internet Research Day
Youth Forum
Māori Meetup

Reporting Back Panel

Tuesday 9 July
International Keynote – Technology Journalist & Blogger Quinn Norton

11.30am Sessions
Music and the Internet
Harmful Digital Communications
Issues Issues Issues
Open Internet, Networked Learning

1.30pm Sessions
Anonymity Online
Finance and the Internet
NZ Inc and the Internet
WCIT and Onwards
Open Research Update

2.35pm Sessions
Handling Privacy Breaches
Digital Divide & 3G
Pacific Communities Online
Web standards and accessibility
Open Research Update, continued

Panel: Faster Broadband. Development, Demand and our Digital Future

Wednesday 10 July

New Zealand Keynote Address – Russell Burt, Principal, Pt England School
Panel – Parliamentary Internet Forum

10.30am Sessions
Rural Connectivity
Geek Lobbying
Start-up nation
Your Health, Online
Post-Nethui Action Workshop

11.30pm Sessions
State Surveillance of Online Communications
Media Convergence
Digital Literacy Transformations
Open Data for Decisions
Post-Nethui Action Workshop, continued

1.30pm Sessions
Future of Video on Demand
Making BYOD Work
Spectrum: Looking Forward
Copyright for a Digital Future
Digital Inclusion Workshop

2.35pm Sessions
Privacy by Design
Crowdsourcing Support
NetHui and the Big Picture
Open Data – Building the News
Digital Inclusion Workshop, continued

Panel: Vision 2025 – The Internet Era Economy