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The GCSB Nethui Sessions – 6 Clips Discussing GCSB & TICS

Clip 1: Introduction From Laurence Miller

Recent illegal surveillance activity in New Zealand and international trends have led to the introduction by the NZ government of the GCSB Bill and the TICS Bill.

Clip 2:  On Balancing Security and Privacy Concerns

There has been a remarkable erosion of trust in the intelligence agencies over the last 20 years, and we can thank Kim Dotcom for exposing the weaknesses in our current system. Ambiguity leads to confusion; confusion leads to opportunity, and people in the intelligence agencies can take this opportunity. If you can automate mass surveillance, it saves time and allows agents to focus on high priority targets.

Clip 3: A Strong Call For More Oversight

Where on the spectrum between necessary spying and global surveillance does NZ want to be?  What are the threats that NZ faces as a nation. This is not an easy question, and the conclusions are too important to be rushed through without a better debate.

Clip 4: On Encrypting Internet Traffic

 The encryption arms race; all codes are able to be broken if you have enough resources and enough reason to do it.

 Clip 5: The Need for Public Debate

There has been a breakdown of trust and rushed legislation; the warrants are too broad, oversight is inadequate – the Prime Minister is the boss at the centre of everything. He appoints the heads of the agencies, and he chooses the monitors who watch the boss and watch the agencies. The panel agree on the need for strong oversight, independent of the executive, with a majority in favour of currently active judges.

Clip 6: Ambiguity Enables Opportunism

What is the balance between personal freedom and protecting our nation?  The proposed bill needs to be well researched.

Clip 7: Full Monty Version