The overall theme of NetHui 2013 is ‘the Power of the Open Internet’.

Each session has multiple tags which indicate the topics and themes that it encompasses. Click through to the session pages to see these and the full session description. Tags and facilitators are also listed in the programme in the conference handbook.

Monday 8 July
7.45Registration Desk Opens - Foyer
8.30Mihi Whakatau, Welcome Ceremony - Auditorium
8.45Mayoral opening - Celia Wade-Brown
8.50Housekeeping & transition

Jump start
Civic Suites

Green Room

NZ Internet Research Day
Square Affair

Wellington Workshop
Civic 3

NetHui Youth Forum
Ilot Theatre

Māori Meetup
10.30Morning Tea - West Court
Jump start, contInTAC, contNZ Internet Research Day, contWellington Workshop, contNetHui Youth Forum, contMāori Meetup, cont
12.30Lunch - West Court
1.30WorkshopsJump start, contInTAC, contNZ Internet Research Day, contNetHui Youth Forum, contMāori Meetup, cont
3.30Afternoon Tea - West Court
4.00Reporting back panel - MC, Michèle A’Court - Auditorium
5.00 - 7.00Scoop Foundation Event - Public Interest Journalism - Civic 3
5.00 - 7.00Meetup: Digital Inclusion - West Gallery
5.30 - 6.30Fair Deal Meetup - Square Affair
6.00 - 8.00Internet Wahine / Girl Geek Dinner - Civic Suites
7.00 - 8.30InternetNZ AGM - Auditorium
8.30 - 10.00Movie Screening - 'We are Legion' - Ilot Theatre
Tuesday 9 July
7.30Registration Desk Opens - Foyer
8.30Introduction, housekeeping - MC Michèle A’Court - Auditorium
8.40Scene setting - Jordan Carter - Auditorium
9.00Ministerial address - Hon Amy Adams - Auditorium
10.00Tea Break - West Court
10.30International Keynote - Auditorium

Technology Journalist & Blogger Quinn Norton
11.15Transition & room re-set
11.30SessionsAuditoriumCivic SuitesSquare AffairCivic 3Green Room
Music and the Internet
Tags: Culture, Economy & Business, Internet & the Law.
Harmful Digital Communications
Tags: Governance, Internet & the Law, Safety & Security.
Issues Issues Issues
Tags: Emerging Issues, Openness.
Open Internet, Networked Learning
Tags: Education, Openness.
12.30Lunch - West Court
1.30SessionsAuditoriumCivic SuitesSquare AffairCivic 3Green Room
Anonymity Online
Tags: Safety & Security, Emerging Issues, Internet & the Law.
Finance and the Internet
Tags: Emerging Issues, Economy & Business, Governance.
NZ Inc and the Internet
Tags: Economy & Business, Culture, Openness.
WCIT and Onwards
Tags: Governance, Internet & the Law.
Open Research Update
Tags: Openness, Education, Internet & the Law.
2.35Sessions AuditoriumCivic SuitesSquare AffairCivic 3Green Room
Handling Privacy Breaches
Tags: Safety & Security, Internet & the Law.
Digital Divide & 3G

Tags: Access, Economy & Business, Health
Pacific Communities Online
Tags: Access, Education, Culture.
Web standards and accessibility
Tags: Access, Internet & the Law, Governance.

Open Research Update
, cont
3.35Tea Break - West Court
4.00Panel: Faster Broadband. Development, Demand and our Digital Future - Auditorium
4.45Wrap-up session - Auditorium
5.15 - 7.00Drinks reception, hosted by Telecom - West Court / West Gallery
6.00 - 7.30Creative Commons Meet-Up - Square Affair
7.00 - 8.00Solve for X with Google X - Auditorium
7.00 - 8.30Security Online Meetup - Green Room
Wednesday 10 July
8.00Registration Desk Opens - Foyer
8.45Introduction, housekeeping - MC Michèle A’Court - Auditorium
8.50New Zealand Keynote Address - AuditoriumRussell Burt, Principal - Pt England School
9.30Panel - Parliamentary Internet Forum - Auditorium
10.15Tea Break - West Court
10.30SessionsAuditoriumCivic SuitesSquare AffairCivic 3Green Room
Rural Connectivity
Tags: Rural, Access, Education.
Geek Lobbying
Tags: Internet & the Law, Emerging Issues, Economy & Business.
Start-up nation
Tags: Economy & Business, Culture.
Your Health, Online
Tags: Health, Access, Safety & Security.
Post-Nethui Action Workshop
Tags: Emerging Issues, Openness.
11.30SessionsAuditoriumCivic SuitesSquare AffairCivic 3Green Room
State Surveillance of Online Communications
Tags: Internet & the Law, Safety & Security.
Media Convergence
Tags: Culture, Economy & Business.
Digital Literacy Transformations
Tags: Access, Education.
Open Data for Decisions
Tags: Access, Education, Openness.
Post-Nethui Action Workshop, cont
12.30Lunch - West Court
1.30SessionsAuditoriumCivic SuitesSquare AffairCivic 3Green Room
Future of Video on Demand
Tags: Economy & Business, Culture, Access.
Making BYOD Work
Tags: Economy & Business, Openness, Education.
Spectrum: Looking Forward
Tags: Governance, Internet & the Law.
Copyright for a Digital Future
Tags: Internet & the Law, Culture, Governance, Openness.
Digital Inclusion Workshop
Tags: Access, Culture, Openness.
2.35SessionsAuditoriumCivic SuitesSquare AffairCivic 3Green Room
Privacy by Design
Tags: Safety & Security, Emerging Issues.
Crowdsourcing Support
Tags: Economy & Business, Emerging Issues, Access.
NetHui and the Big Picture
Tags: Governance, Emerging Issues.
Open Data - Building the News
Tags: Openness, Culture, Economy & Business.
Digital Inclusion Workshop, cont
3.45Tea Break - West Court
4.15Panel: Vision 2025 - The Internet Era Economy - Auditorium
5.00NetHui 2013 Wrapup & Closing - Auditorium
6.30 - 11.00Orcon Great Blend after party - Mac’s Function Centre, 4 Taranaki Street, Wellington