Panel: Vision 2025 – The Internet Era Economy

Wednesday 10 July 2013, 4.10pm, Auditorium

Confirmed panelists – Vikram Kumar, Mega. Geoff Huston, APNIC. Rod Drury, Xero. Hayden Glass, Sapere.

Facilitator – Lance Wiggs.
Collaborative Notes: Panel: Vision 2025 – The Internet Era Economy

“It’s 2025. New Zealand has a world-leading Internet infrastructure. There’s extensive fibre to homes and businesses in all urban areas, and lightning fast wireless broadband available across the rest of the country. New cables snake across the seas to markets all around the world. The bandwidth constraint is over, and combined with strong protections for human rights online, New Zealand is connected with & open to the world. Kiwi creativity and ingenuity is driving a huge economic boom. Our design, production, science, creative industries are seen around the world as leaders. Traditional industries are far stronger though clever use of Internet technologies: productivity is higher, waste is lower, costs are saved and incomes for all are higher. Some have described New Zealand as the country-sized silicon valley of the 21C. Think back to 2013. How did we make that 2025 vision happen?”