Scoop Foundation Event – Public Interest Journalism

Monday 8 July, 5 – 7pm. Civic 3.

In the public interest: As the media struggles to adapt to the digital world, how do we ensure journalism in the public interest thrives?

In this session we look at the seismic shift underway in the media industry as newsrooms are stripped to the bone and pay walls go up on news websites. As the media’s ability to tackle issues in-depth and run investigations diminishes, new forms of journalism and funding for it are emerging, harnessing the power of the internet, digital publishing and crowd-funding.

What is the future of journalism that is in the public interest, tackles the big issues facing society and speaks truth to power? As plans for a non-profit foundation for public interest journalism takes shape, we’ll be discussing the state of journalism and the future potential and would love to hear your ideas.


  • Science Media Centre manager and Sciblogs editor Peter Griffin
  • Freelance writer and former Herald senior feature writer Chris Barton
  • Alastair Thompson, journalist and founder of Scoop Media and the Scoop Foundation for Public Interest Journalism.