Crowdsourcing Support

Crowdsourcing: gathering funding and support

Facilitators: Anna Guenther, Richard Bartlett.
Tags: Economy & Business, Emerging Issues, Access.
Collaborative Notes: Crowdsourcing Support

The ability to engage a crowd to collaborate on a common goal is one of the biggest opportunities the internet provides. Every day there are new examples of social technologies transforming the way networks of people can act together: coordinated volunteers share their expertise to build a comprehensive database of all the world’s knowledge, crowd funding spurs all kinds of creative projects that would never otherwise get off the ground, citizen journalism starts massive social movements and social media spreads them around the world, participatory decision making is opening up new opportunities for citizen engagement, and more. We want to share and curate your ideas around: how it works well? What motivates people to participate? What doesn’t work / where are there opportunities for improvement?