Panel – Parliamentary Internet Forum

9.30am Wednesday 10 July 2013 – Auditorium
Collaborative Notes: Panel – Parliamentary Internet Forum

Panellists: Simon O’Connor (National Party), Clare Curran (Labour Party), Gareth Hughes (Green Party), Tracey Martin (New Zealand First).

Moderator: Keith Davidson, Consultant, International Affairs, InternetNZ

Topic: Has the Internet changed how MPs work? 

The Internet is changing the law, and also how the law is made. How are MPs responding to these changes? During this panel session, we’ll ask the four members of the Parliamentary Internet Forum organising committee how the Internet creates both opportunities and challenges for them in their work as MPs, and what they think the future holds in store for democracy online.

About the Parliamentary Internet Forum:
The Parliamentary Internet Forum is a brand new initiative organised by members from the National, Labour, New Zealand First and Green Parties. It is a seminar series designed by MPs, for MPs, where they can learn more about the Internet and how it works from the best and brightest subject matter experts around.

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