Your Health, Online

Facilitators: Laurence Millar, Sebastian Morgan-Lynch.
Tags: Health, Access, Safety & Security.
Hashtag: #health
Collaborative Notes: Your Health, Online

Information is the lifeblood of the Health system, and the National Health IT plan has the following broad principles:Interoperability is managed centrally, along with a limited set of national collections (immunisation for children, medical warnings for allergies, national health index to tie it all together); More detailed clinical information is handled regionally with ‘key information’ on patients in each region; ‘Rich’ information like GP notes is held at the point it was created.

This session will look at four areas of information management in the sector:

· The difference between opt-in and opt-out for patient information

· New technological approaches to self management of health

· Patient access to their information

· National information for public health.