State surveillance of online communications

State spying online: How do we balance national security concerns with the fundamental rights of individuals? 

Moderator: Laurence Millar, Managing Director, Global Village Governance.

  • Ian Apperley, Independent Cloud Consultant, Isis Group
  • Dr. Paul Buchanan, Director and Principal, 36th-parallel
  • Sir Bruce Ferguson, former Chief of New Zealand Defence Force and Director of the Government Communications Security Bureau
  • Michael Wigley, Principal, Wigley & Company Solicitors

Tags: Internet & the Law, Safety & Security.
Hashtag: #spying
Collaborative Notes: State Surveillance of Online Communications

Kim Dotcom and Megaupload, Edward Snowden and the US PRISM programme, the Kitteridge Report – recent events have shown the extent to which States spy, or want to be able to spy, on the private communications of Internet users as part of their national security efforts. In New Zealand, two bills were recently introduced that address the role of the Government Communications Security Bureau (GCSB) in gathering intelligence through interception of communications and access to “information infrastructures”, and the lengths that Internet Service Providers must go to to cooperate. Many question whether the Bills strike an appropriate balance between national security and the fundamental, human right to privacy. This session will feature a purposefully diverse set of panellists who will explore that and related questions on state surveillance of private online communications.