NetHui and the Big Picture

The Big Picture: Where does NetHui fit in to the international Internet Governance scheme?

Facilitator: Susan Chalmers, Sylvia Cadena.
Tags: Governance, Emerging Issues.
Collaborative Notes: NetHui and the Big Picture

NetHui participants are playing a role in something much bigger than they may realise.
When we talk about “”Internet Governance””, we’re talking about the who, what, where, when, why and how of the decision-making process that shapes the evolution of our global Internet. Three years ago, NetHui was inspired into being by the Internet Governance Forum (IGF), an annual event hosted by the UN that draws together people from all over the world to discuss public policy issues related to the Internet. This year will see the eighth IGF in Bali, in October, with more than 1,000 people meant to participate.

Since the first IGF in 2006, a number of regional and national IGFs have formed, some in the image of the “”global”” IGF and others, like NetHui, that add variation to the mix. The global IGF presents the opportunity for the organisers of these IGF initiatives to share the experiences, discussions and debates that occurred in their region or country with the rest of the world.

NetHui is recognised by the global IGF community as New Zealand’s IGF, and at this year’s global IGF, InternetNZ will have the opportunity to feed views expressed at NetHui into the wider, global dialogue. The purpose of this working session is to cultivate and organise those views – your views – for sharing. The session will begin with an explanation of the global IGF, its format, and how NetHui and its participants fit into the bigger Internet Governance story.