Music & the Internet

The Song Remains the Same? What’s really going on with music and the Internet

Facilitator: Russell Brown.
Tags: Culture, Economy & Business, Internet and the Law.
Collaborative Notes: Music and the Internet

However often it’s pilloried, here’s the thing about the music industry: it’s probably further through the prodigious change brought by the internet than any other established media sector.

While some revenue streams have withered, others have grown, and artists and music and publishing companies are learning to harness the power of the network and deal with some of the disruption it creates.

This session, chaired by Russell Brown, will be less discursive than most NetHui forums, and more of an info-dump from the panel to the audience. The panel is:

Samuel Flynn Scott, The Phoenix Foundation:

As Sam put it to Kim Hill, “this band sustains itself” – and that doesn’t happen by accident. Sam will talk about how the band uses social media, giveaways as marketing, cultivating a fan base and how record labels and Bandcamp can live together.

Adam Holt, CEO, Universal Music NZ:

Part of a generation of local major-label managers who were themselves in bands or from student radio, Adam has this year seen Universal NZ signing 16 year-old Lorde become the year’s biggest entry to US radio and the toast of the hype sites. She has two New Zealand number one singles – after giving away a remarkable 60,000 copies of her debut EP via Soundcloud. He’ll talk about that project, about the nature of modern record deals and about embracing some of the grey areas of the internet.

Chris Hocquard, Dominion Law/Amplifier/DRM/TheAudience:

Chris founded New Zealand’s first online music retail, (now Amplifier) in 1999 went on the found the leading New Zealand aggregator for digital music services, DRM. For the past year, he’s been behind TheAudience, the NZ On Air-funded music discovery website, which aims to recognise the way that music discovery has moved from radio towards the internet. He’s also one of the country’s leading entertainment lawyers. Let’s just say he knows where the money goes.