Media Convergence

Media Convergence, Apocalypse News

Facilitators: Alastair Thompson, Russell Brown.
Tags: Culture, Economy & Business.
Collaborative Notes: Media Convergence

This session will discuss the current state of the disrupted news media in New Zealand.

The session will be facilitated by Alastair Thompson (, Russell Brown ( / Media3 ) and Brenda Leeuwenberg (NZ on Air, Nomad8).


– How is the New Zealand news media coping at the moment? How are online advertising markets working, for media, for agencies, for clients?

– What new “online native” news media sources are emerging and how are they faring?

– Do NZ online news media face any special challenges which would justify a reconsideration around how news media is funded?

While the session intend to focus on the role that “News Media” play’s in society and online – for the purposes of the discussion this term will be broadly defined and include crowd sourced news, journalism education, blogging as well as the migration of “old news” to the online environment.

We intend to focus part of the session on discussing proposals for concrete action. E.G. “Buy & support local content” advertising & advocacy campaign, philanthropic funding sources for news & Government online content funding/support/integration.

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