Digital Inclusion Workshop

Feeding Minds: Digital Inclusion Workshop

Facilitators: Sibylle Schwarz, John Billings, Jim Whitman, Sunayana Mukherjee.
Tags: Access, Culture, Openness.
Collaborative Notes: Digital Inclusion Workshop

This workshop is aimed at anyone who is actively involved or interested in digital inclusion projects (e.g., community groups and service providers, local and central govt, policy makers, interest groups and organisations, librarians, etc.) It is facilitated by volunteers from the Soup Hub (, a project founded from within the community following the inaugural Nethui 2011. One of the takeaways at the time was the desire to establish ways to better connect different initiatives and foster collaboration.Our goal with this workshop is to take a look at both our strengths and challenges, exchange lessons, articulate a desired state, and develop a few concrete steps towards that state.

This is a practical workshop. The focus is on actions/tactics/specific ideas that we can take back into our communities and implement.