Jump start


Collaborative Notes: Jumpstart

NetHui 2013 Glossary of Terms

Jumpstart is for NetHui participants old and new! The day will be a community led workshop to get NetHui 2013 off to an engaging, informed and fun start.
MC: Daniel Spector

The day will start with a NetHui Bootcamp session, where we will talk about the format, style and role of participants. We’ll open the floor to discussion about what makes NetHui special, and NetHui participants from previous years can share their experiences, hints and tips. We will also explore two elements which the community can develop over NetHui; collaborative notetaking for each session and a shared wiki of terms/wiktionary to help wade through jargon and acronyms.

Next, Heads Up Talks will see a range of experts presenting briefly on their area and giving an update on what’s new in their field or what’s likely to come up as a part of NetHui discussion. Each talk will be followed by time for questions and discussion.

Heads Up Talks will include:

Safety and Security Online- Martin Cocker, NetSafe
Copyright- Carolyn Dalton, Policy Australia
Who Governs the Internet- Keith Davidson, InternetNZ
Accessibility Online- Kevin Prince, Royal NZ Foundation for the Blind
Internet Policy- Jordan Carter, InternetNZ
Internet Opportunities-Ross Young, Google (internal note: needs to be 1050am)

Then we have YouTalk: 2 minute talks. These are an opportunity for participants to speak on something they are keen to share; an Internet issue you think is important, something you’d like to see happen, or a hot topic you think needs attention! Participants are encouraged to register here in advance. Come prepared to speak and we will aim to fit in as many as possible!

Lastly we will have break-out barcamp sessions in the last few hours of the day and then come back together to share and discuss, to go forward as Jumpstarted participants into the closing plenary at 4pm and to all of the NetHui sessions beyond!

Session 1: 9-1030am
• NetHui Bootcamp
o What is NetHui? How does it work?
o Community Projects: collaborative notetaking and NetHui wiktionary
• Heads Up Talks start

Session 2: 1050am to 1230pm
• Heaps Up Talks continued
• YouTalk: 2min talks
• Break Out Session Planning

Session 3: 130-330pm
• Break Out Sessions (2 x 45minutes)
• Report back from sessions