Making BYOD Work

BYOD & Cloud Solutions: making it work

Facilitators: Helen Jones, Alex Perry.
Tags: Economy & Business, Openness, Education.
Collaborative Notes: Making BYOD Work
Hashtag: #nethuibyod

This session is aimed at anybody with an interest in implementing BYOD (bring your own device / cloud solutions) in their organisation. Helen, Alex and Calum have experience in implementing / supporting BYOD programs. They work for the Wellington Loop. The session will start with some quick introductions and definitions.
The bulk of the session will focus on the key success factors required to make BYOD happen. These include: infrastructure, software systems, organisation wide buy in, professional development / training and clear aims / reasons for doing it. We are also keen to hear from those who have had existing success in this area or are in the process of implementing a similar program. Contributor: Calum Mcgonigle.