Fair Deal Meetup

MONDAY 8 July 2012, 5.30-6.30pm at NetHui 2013, Square Affair Room, Wellington Town Hall

In the Trans Pacific Partnership agreement (TPP), New Zealand is being asked to sign up to copyright laws that will restrict the open Internet and economic opportunity. At last year’s NetHui, we launched the FairDeal coalition in response to this threat. We represent artists, consumers, Internet business, Internet users, those who are blind or have low vision, librarians, news media, technologists and innovators. What could a group that diverse have in common? Copyright.

The FairDeal campaign is about keeping the TPP from changing our copyright laws. We believe that a Fair Deal is one that opens up new trade opportunities without forcing us to make copyright law changes that would take a major toll on New Zealand.

Since then, the campaign has gone international – at – the coalition is expanding and more people are learning about how the issues affect them. Come to this meet up to hear what’s at stake for New Zealand, and what you can do to help the country get a Fair Deal out of the TPP.